Empress Of – When I’m With Him | Music Video


Los Angeles-based singer Lorely Rodriguez, in art Empress Of, has a lot to look up to. After releasing her debut album Me in 2015, the singer, who writes, produces and sings her own music has been putting together the last pieces to her follow up, Us, to be released October 18.


Rodriguez, raised by her mother in the suburbs, is part of that thriving Latin-American community that is taking over the American music industry. Providing a different point of view, thanks to her unique personal experience as a Californian-raised artist who has moved to the East Coast and has Latin heritage, Empress Of is one of the most exciting new artist.


Singing both in English and Spanish, the singer can aim at a huge fanbase, who will relate easily to her poignant lyrics and the singer’s vulnerability. In “When I’m With Him“, a catchy pop cut with great pitch vocals from Rodriguez, there is no happy ending, as she sings: “I don’t know how to love now, I pretend/When I’m with him“.


The singer describes almost too explicitly a relationship where one of the two lovers feels trapped and not totally themselves. Shoot in different location, the music video for the song sees Empress Of carry the whole clip on her own, underpinning the isolation that the song is supposed to convey.


Watch the music video below:




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