British Rapper Luke Lorenz Releases New Single ‘Tomb’ | Music News


British alternative rapper and songwriter Luke Lorenz has just released his new single “Tomb“.


Born in Somerset, Lorenz moved to Surrey to develop his music career, having Jon Bellion as his main inspiration together with Joji, Lewis Capaldi and Chase Atlantic. The young British singer ended the 2019 showcasing his music at BBC Introducing Tobacco Docks and releasing his most popular track so far, “Worship“, at the end of November.


He started 2020 putting into music, the feelings and the concerns millennials have living in such a challenging world with “Tomb”. Its verses mirror the struggles young peole have when dealing with the gloom and the doom around them.


Challenges can seem so difficult for modern teenagers to overcome that, as Lorenz’s heartful words say, it feels alright to be locked up and buried in a tomb, rather than trying to achieve happiness in the outside world.


Even though the “Tomb” lyrics may seem discouraging at a first listen, the captivating rap and electro sound of this bracing track make you listen to it again and again until “buried in my tomb made home” becomes a familiar line that pulls you to “want to be alive”.


Lorenz does not want to stop experimenting his electro pop beats and he has a UK tour already in mind for next year. However, if you do not want to wait, you can go watching his upcoming live performance at the Breaking Sound event, on Thursday, January 23, at The Victoria in London.


Listen to “Tomb” here:




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