Bros Bros + Fred Gata – For My Money | New Music


Bros Bros‘ last single went down a storm and now he’s cooked up another treat. With debut single “Melodie” a great introduction, the Belgian producer spices things up with his sophomore single “For My Money“.


With Darnell Cole adding a guest verse on “Melodie”, 25-year-old rapper Fred Gata is tapped to assist in the kitchen. Tastefully mixing a delicious thick bass with sizzling bars, he’s serving his own recipe for success. Bros Bros comes in strong with the future bounce production and Fred’s flow and cadence fits perfectly. This pairing is absolutely electric, comparable to Kaytranada and GoldLink.


With such a danceable track, the sentiments could easily be lost. But our producer extraordinaire takes an adamant stand. “The world is money driven, but what if you can make money while pursuing your passion? We all chase these dreams. The message is just to work hard and hopefully we’ll soon be able to start seasoning!”


Bros Bros is surely about to get his name on everybody’s lips! He is already getting nods music tastemakers like renowned Belgian DJ Black Mamba, Studio Brussel, Spotify and Nation of Billions. Currently working on his DJ set, the artist always hungry for more is also preparing his pièce de résistance: his first album The Journey, expected later this year.




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