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California artist Austin Dean Ashford has had a passion for performance since childhood. Indeed, it is this passion that guides him to his new single titled “Spirit”, which was released on January 15.


He can be described as a creative soul and he is also a brilliant mind, according to his PHD at Texas Tech University in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts.


He has become popular over the years due to his tours around the world with his only friend: his Ukulele. Austin is making the difference with a unique type of music, mixing rap and hip-hop with jazz effects.


The singer begins this new year 2021 on top of things with “Spirit”, this single can be categorised as very energetic with wordplay which result in a contagious offering. It has every characteristic of a masterpiece, thanks to its compelling lyrics.


He takes his inspiration from the likes of Chance The Rapper, Tobi Nwigwe and Childish Gambino to make his music and deliver his own message to his listeners. “Spirit” was written thanks to life observations and reflection the artist has made through the time.


According to Austin, “I would like to portray a relentless motivation anthem. There are so many obstacles trying to shift our energy to darkness or depression and when our spirits are low it is hard to be productive.


Personally, there are plenty of times when I become down or depressed, and it is in those moments I often forget that all the tools that I need to be successful are within me already. So, within this song, I would like to portray a sense of combating fear and doubt by using inner strength. This song is really a war cry of affirmation”.


Listen to “Spirit” below:[/embeed]



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