Rap Duo The Seal Breakers Launch New Track ‘Acquainted’ | Music News


US rap collective The Seal Breakers released their new single “Acquainted” on January 15, which is a blend of alternative, indie R&B and hip-hop. The group is composed by TaGee Rahman and Shea Butta – they are Brooklyn-Bred natives with one thing in common: the passion of music.


Through their new track, we can recognize their talent thanks to their joint forces. This duo is as electric as they are captivating. “Acquainted” sets the bar at another level in terms of production, everything seems perfectly adjusted to the tempo of the song like a dance ballet with no problems on the sequences.


The group produces itself in many countries across the world, moreover, they also won an award for Hip Hop group at the 2015 Underground Music Awards, and they’ve featured in popular shows such as the Lenny Green Show on WBLS 107.5FM and Here and Now on ABC 7. Indeed, The Seal Breakers can be considered as one of those groups which have the rage to succeed.


With their previous track like “DTWD”, “Is It Possible” or even “The Move”, they have managed to stand out from the others. TaGee and Shea have everything to be successful artists, and we are impatient to hear more about the duo who sound like they can have a strong future as international artists.


Listen to “Acquainted” below:




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