Canadian Artist WE Junior Releases New Single ‘All Down’

On April 29, WE Junior released a new single titled “All down”. Inspired by the hangover of the Covid-19 and through a mix of pop, rap and neo-soul, “All down” attends to call you out on your journey to return to the essence of thinking, acting, and spreading values throughout your journey.

With so much noise across the globe, different influences and trends, we often forget why we are here even after tragic events. Distracted by popularity and not moving forward. While hope and determination are still in the human heart, make sure to be attentive enough to hear and get that call, because only you can lift what has been left behind!

Born somewhere in Montreal in the early second decade of 2000, WE Junior came across merging his heart and his art. Few people from the same neighbourhood were passionate about art and were inclined to discover new ways of expressing themselves like WE Junior was. He was influenced by different layers of art, such as music, poetry, cinematography and photography.

With the profound desire to reach listeners’ heart, body, and soul, WE Junior tries to inspire you and I (WE) through art. By using and creating a mix of hip-hop, jazz, pop and soul as well as layers of art, WE accepts this challenge of growing and sharing in this ERA. He doesn’t pretend to know everything, and is dedicated to serve through the axes of art.

Check out the video for “All Down” below:


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