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Introducing Canadian singer-songwriter and former member of Montreal group Adhoc, Oren Lefkowitz, with his solo project called Oscar Louis. The project fuses 70’s harmonic pop sensibilities and modern hip-hop, and takes its influences from the likes of Carole King and Kid Cudi, among others.


Lefkowitz has brought this Oscar Louis project to life by collaborating with a team of Brooklyn-based musicians and producers, and have released six singles till date. According to Lefkowitz, “the music of Oscar Louis explores themes of alienation and paranoia, while managing to maintain a playful tone“.


The visual universe of the Oscar Louis project harkens back to the oil-painted posters of old cinema, toying with our generation’s obsession with nostalgia. His sixth single titled “YaYaYa”, which is produced by Stephen Shapero and Emiliano Flowerman, and mastered by Kevin Blackler, was released last week.


Speaking about the inspiration behind “YaYaYa”, Oscar Louis says, “As I get older, my patience for phony social interactions is rapidly shrinking. Whether it’s an empty promise or an awkward run-in with someone I used to know, avoidance is my go-to.


There are moments where I’m hard on myself about it, lamenting my own growing “old man” mentality, jealous of a more carelessly sociable past self. But this song is about accepting the facts and rolling with it; being in tune with myself enough not to let these fake interactions ruin my day“.


Listen to “YaYaYa” below:




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