Canadian R&B Sonsgtress Melanie Durrant Releases New Single ‘Bait & Switch’

Canadian R&B singer and songwriter Melanie Durrant is back with a new single titled “Bait & Switch” and an accompanying music video that is both catchy and colourful.

The bass-heavy track is a testament to the ups and downs, as well as the challenges, that come with being in a relationship. The song is on Durrant’s current album titled Where I’m At, and was produced by Mo’Jointz and CedSolo.

Durrant sings over bouncing 808 drumming and enticing horns on “Bait & Switch”. With her distinctive songwriting style, the Toronto-born vocalist highlights her outstanding melodic harmonies while also pouring out her honesty about how she feels.

According to her, “everyone has their limits and many people have been in this kind of situation. My goal was to write music people can relate to”.

Durrant collaborated on the visuals for “Bait & Switch” with fellow Toronto native and director The Knemesis. She is seen in the video having a surprise Valentine’s supper with her significant other and her bae appears to be more interested in his regular texts and calls than focusing on his wife as the two enjoy wine and a romantic candlelit lunch.

Durrant becomes increasingly irritated as the video progresses, and he picks up yet another call, causing her to lose her calm. The film concludes with a surprising splash, but you’ll have to watch to find out what happens!

Watch the video below!


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