‘Captain America: Civil War’ Will Be Funnier Yet Darker Than ‘The Winter Soldier’ | Film News



It’s inevitable that Captain America: Civil War will deliver a shield shattering plot-line; full of action that’ll tug at the heartstrings as the Avengers divide themselves into team Captain America (Chris Evans) and team Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr). However, film directors Joe and Anthony Russo have hinted that the upcoming Marvel movie will be more humorous but significantly darker in comparison to 2014’s The Winter Soldier.


Speaking in an interview with Collider, the directing duo explained that the film will definitely include a lighthearted feel, seen as though the newer characters won’t have the same baggage as the main Avengers: “There’s a good portion of Civil War that’s actually funnier than Winter Soldier, because there are characters in that film, that come from worlds where the tone is more comedic. Not all the characters in that movie have the same history as the Avengers. They’re coming at the problem of the film, not embedded with that baggage“.


They continued, explaining the crew worked especially hard at creating much darker moments: “I think there are a lot lighter moments because there are much darker moments as well. We did have to work very hard at that“. It was previously announced that the cast will feature 67 new characters; meaning there will be plenty of room to add a few chuckles, hopefully without deteriorating the film’s seriousness. See Civil War in cinemas on April 29, 2018.



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