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Casey Affleck’s Interview With Stephen Colbert Gets A Little Awkward | Film News

  Casey Affleck appeared on The Late Show to promote his new film, Triple 9. But early on, you could sense that something was not right. Stephen Colbert welcomed the actor by commenting on his casual look, in a humorous yet harmless way, as he usually does with guests. Affleck, however, was not entirely on board!   It seems Ben’s little brother is not[…]

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Emma Watson Reveals Year Break From Acting | Interviews

  British actress Emma Watson has revealed her plans to take a year away from acting to concentrate on feminism, amongst other things. During an interview with Paper magazine, she told author and activist Bell Hooks:   “I’m taking a year away from acting to focus on two things, really. My own personal development is one. I know that you[…]

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Catherine Zeta-Jones Says She Hasn’t Had Plastic Surgery… Yet | Film News

  Last Tuesday (January 26) I was strolling through Leicester Square when I suddenly saw a massive image of Catherine Zeta-Jones’ face beaming right back at me. This wasn’t a day-dream or delusion though, as Catherine was attending the Dads’ Army film premiere.   Let’s just say that, at the age of 46, Catherine’s face was looking incredibly smooth and free of[…]

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Ellen Page Opens Up About ‘Coming Out’ Speech | Film News

  As the diversity debates continues in Hollywood, actress Ellen Page, star of Juno and Hard Candy, takes the topic in a new direction, by reflecting on ‘coming out. Page made her announcement at a Human Rights Campaign called Time To Thrive two years ago, prompted by the fact that she felt ‘guilty’ for not being a visible face in her community.  […]

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Julianne Moore Addresses Ageism In Hollywood | Film News

  In an interview featured in the March issue of Marie Claire (out today – January 28) Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore discusses the thorny topic of ageism in Hollywood. Although some more ‘mature’ actresses like Meryl Streep still land leading roles in their films, many actresses find themselves to be considered ‘over the hill’ when they hit 40 – and are[…]

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