Celine Dion – Imperfections | Music Video

Céline Dion – Imperfections https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8EokLztgMo Credit: Celine Dion/Youtube


Canadian star Céline Dion has just unveiled a music video for her latest single “Imperfections”, from her new album Courage, due out on November 15. This song is her third record to be released this month, and it is surely the one with the most contemporary and surprising sound.


As the names of her new song and album may suggest, the new project is all about self-healing, self-confidence and personal growth. In particular, the new record focuses on self-criticism as the artist sing “I got my own imperfections / I got my own set of scars to hide / I got my own imperfections / I can’t hold your heart when I’m fixing mine”.


The song is accompanied by an evocative black and white video, where the artist wears a range of different outfits. In other scenes, Céline appears seated at a makeup table, where she keeps removing the cosmetics on her face, until she ends up completely without makeup. The video, deeply connected with the message of the song, ends with her smiling.


The video seems to reply to numerous reports that have focused on her appearance, and in particular on her weight, over the past months. Although Céline replied, during an interview, ensuring that she was healthy, the new music video has surely sent a much stronger answer.




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