Chanel Embodies Austro-Hungarian Chic At Salzburg Métiers d’Art Show | Fashion News


Art and literature may give you a window into a bygone era but what was it really like to live and breath in the Austro-Hungarian court. The french fashion house Chanel was more than happy to apply their take on this by providing the traditional fixture and fittings for its recent Salzburg fashion show. Unsurprisingly, the event had drawn the fashion elite with Karl Lagerfeld headlining with his version of a fairy tale and the detailing was nothing short of exquisite but not over indulgent.


The Paris-Salzbürg Chanel Métiers d’Art catwalk show was held between the wood panelled library to the great marble hall, rich with the finest art. The show attracted a few familiar faces on the fashion scene including Cara Delevingne and Pharrel Wlliams who both appeared in a special feature for Lagerfeld’s Reincarnation fashion film. Watch the making of Chanel’s Paris-Salzbürg Chanel Métiers d’Art below, and you can watch the full show here.




Photo Credit: Olivier Saillant



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