Chicago Band Marina City Joins Alternate Reality With New Single ‘Glaze’

2022 is the year of virtual reality and this new version of the world we live in is slowly conquering every aspect of our everyday life, music included.

The last one to demonstrate this has been the American band Marina City. On October 12th, indeed, the Chicago-based group will be releasing their new album alongside an Alternate Reality Game, called The Simulation.

Marina city had previously published two songs, “Youth” and “Runaways”, both soundtracks of their upcoming game, which explores societal distrust, mental health, and redemption.

This time though, the band has released another fundamental piece of The Simulator: the introduction song, “Glaze”. This track, whose story is told from the point of view of a manipulative antagonist who tries to make the audience trust him, begins with a loud and impactful use of bass, creating a sinister atmosphere.

“Glaze” reflects the alternative rock style of Marina City, with a good amount of funky, indie pop, and R&B, creating the perfect intro to a game that wants to make fans explore their songs’ themes.

Two years after their successful 2020 EP, The Crush, and an incredibly busy season, the American quartet is not going to slow down: “We hope the album and the ARG will be a great way to bring fans closer to MARINA CITY, expose new people to our music, and most importantly, be an exciting experience”, says Argast, the frontman.

Listen to “Glaze” on Spotify below.


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