Claire Brooks Reflects On Human Attraction With New Single ‘Loving’

Los Angeles-based musician Claire Brooks offers a refreshing and somewhat introspective take on the complexities of human attraction with her new single “Loving“.

This isn’t your typical love song, though. Brooks delves into the evolutionary and biological impulses of human reproduction, aiming to shed light on how the nature of attraction has transformed over time.

Produced by Claire herself within the confines of her college dorm, “Loving” marries analog sounds from the Juno 106 synthesizer with innovative vocal samples from her past work. This experimental sonic blend is not only gaining traction but also garnering significant attention on TikTok.

The single serves as a prelude to her upcoming EP, The Human Experience, where she embarks on an ambitious quest to convey the essence of life from a human perspective to non-sentient entities.

While Claire’s music revolves around a psychedelic-indie-pop vibe, her influences are far-reaching, from sultry R&B to smooth jazz, all imbued with her unique touch. The multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and budding producer embodies versatility, as evident in her rich and diverse soundscape.

Stanford School of Mechanical Engineering can boast of having an alumna like Claire. During her time at Stanford, she not only pursued her academic interests but also cultivated her passion for music.

This dual commitment has seen her collaborate with notable artists like ASAP Twelveyy and Skinnydip. The latter association yielded the hit “Call it Off”, amassing over 5 million streams, which she co-wrote and lent her vocals to.

Having achieved cult status among the Stanford community for her genre-defying compositions, Claire Brooks now aspires to captivate a global audience with her profound musical narratives.

As she continues her journey, fans and new listeners alike can anticipate a sound that’s as intellectually engaging as it is melodically enchanting.

Listen to “Loving” below!


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