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Heroes Reborn


NBC released a ‘First Look’ at their upcoming 13-episode series Heroes Reborn, with a slew of new information as the cast and creator Tim Kring share their thoughts on the superhero series. Firstly Kring informs us that he sees Reborn as a “reboot of the original“, carrying on the original series’ primary themes of fighting for acceptance highlighted through season 4’s finale where Claire (Hayden Panettiere) and Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) argued over whether people with superpowers will ever be accepted.


This comes before Claire ultimately outs the whole community to the world, which show runner Kring explaining that “as we come back five years later” to a world that fears the superpower community, “sure enough her father was right“.


Kring continues to reveal that people with powers “are persecuted and hunted [with the] show starting with that as [the] main premise“, leading to us being introduced to new characters that will push the series forwards. “We are introducing a brand new character with Zach Levi, who plays an extremely different character than people are use to seeing him“. Levi himself backs that up by saying that “I wanted to play a character that is badass and maybe not altogether that great, maybe really dark, maybe really bad“.


With Levi’s character Luke Collins being set up as the series primary antagonist, Kring did confirm that the main thrust of the 13-episode arc story will follow Noah as he searches for powered people, or “Evo’s” as certain people in the scenes shown call them, before other shadowy organisation can use them for various nefarious schemes.


We also hear from original Heroes cast members Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder Suresh) and Masa Oki (Hiro Nakamura), with Ramaurthy telling us “this is about the new heroes, and we’re kinda here to help them start that journey’ with Oki explaining that the series is a ‘passing of the torch“. which supports claims that original cast members will remain involved to further the mythology of the series, rather than being a crux for the main storyline.


As NBC continues to promote the series in the lead up to its September 24 premiere, the series cast sound eager for the series to be seen with Heroes alumni Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman) exclaiming “this is Heroes like you have never seen it before, this is Heroes on steroids“. With ringing endorsements like that, I can’t wait to see what the new series brings to world of Heroes.




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