Daisy Ridley To Star In Indie Drama ‘Sometimes I Think About Dying’

Daisy Ridley is producing and starring in an indie drama titled Sometimes I Think About Dying. The film is based on a combination of the short film of the same name and Kevin Armento‘s play Killers. Filming just wrapped in Oregon.

The short film focuses on Fran, who spends her days thinking about dying to the point of fascination. She meets a man at work and makes him laugh, which leads to a relationship, but her obsession with thinking of dying keeps her from living. Written and directed by Stefanie Abel Horowitz, the short was released at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

Killers, which ran in 2013, was also directed by Horowitz, and revolves around Bobby and Amanda, a pair of best friends with the desire to kill whose story is juxtaposed with a woman contemplating suicide while falling for a co-worker.

Given Horowitz’s involvement in both projects, expect the feature-length film version of Sometimes I Think About Dying to focus primarily on the workplace romance and the protagonist’s fascination with her own death, rather than the play’s other storyline.

Rachel Lambert will direct the film, with Armento, Horowitz, and Katy Wright-Mead (who played Fran in the short) all collaborating on the film too.

The film looks to be a more left-field choice for Ridley in her post-Star Wars career. Since finishing that run, she’s starred in adventure film Chaos Walking and has signed on to lead psychological thriller The Marsh King’s Daughter, sci-fi thriller Mind Fall, and WWII assassination film Women In The Castle.

Since she was plucked from obscurity to lead the new Star Wars trilogy, Ridley never got much of an opportunity to appear in smaller budget indie films. So this might be a deliberate attempt to try her hand at a smaller film away from the spotlight, and is perhaps the reason no one knew it was even being filmed until now.

With Sometimes I Think About Dying having already completed filming, we should get more details about the project pretty soon.


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