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Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dante Mazzetti has unveiled an atmospheric new single titled “Breaking in the Sun”. Dante Mazzetti was born and raised in New York, before moving to Austin for six months to write his first album. After a work experience at the New York Fire Department, Dante made his official return to music with his EP Hotel Vol. 1 out in July 2019.


On the other hand, “Breaking in the Sun” is part of his new four-song EP titled Hotel Vol. 2, released this November 2019. Like the three other tracks, this single is about the tale of a troubled man finding a new life and new challenges. In particular, the singer tells the story of a man who comes back from prison and finds out he has been replaced as father and husband.


Mazzetti took inspiration from the many fathers he knows who are disconnected from their children. He recently stated: “Each story is different, but the pain of not being able to be a part of their child’s life is the same. It’s something you don’t hear about often, but so many men are in a similar situation”.


He added: “Maybe they haven’t been locked away in a physical prison, but they are heartbroken about their reality. I used this particular story of a man returning from prison as a way to illustrate an extreme separation and distance that could be easily understood.”


Atmospheric guitar arpeggios, bluesy instrumentals and Mazzetti’s deep but delicate voiceprint characterize this beautiful single, while lyrics manage to convey all the pain and struggle the protagonist feels.


Listen to “Breaking in the Sun” below:




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