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Australian-born composer, producer and vocalist Johanna Cranitch, aka White Prism, has unveiled a new single titled “Over Again”.


Johanna has a background as a classical and jazz music student (the latter in college) and as an assistant recording engineer. She then joined bands such as The Cranberries and The Cardigans as a background vocalist and keyboard player.


“Over Again” follows the acclaimed release of her single “Good Man” and a large number of positive reviews from such newspapers as The Guardian, The new York Times Magazine and Interview Magazine. “Over Again” features electronic pop sounds, dreamy and delicate voice, powerful bass line and catchy choruses. The song reveals Johanna’s biggest inspirations such as Kate Bush, Phil Collins, Joni Mitchell and Cocteau Twins.


Johanna has recently shared a statement about the song: “It is a trip down memory lane looking at a relationship you know isn’t really right but you do it anyway. It’s that kind of teenager ride or die story. Everyone thinks and knows your partner isn’t good for you or right for you but you can’t let it go and it feels like it’s you and them against the world”.


Moreover, Johanna is ready to reveal new exciting project ver soon. She has declared: “There’s a lot I’d like to show the world in 2020. I’m trying to navigate being a mom and a full-time producer at Squeak E Clean Studios, while reviving my creative self after a hiatus”.


Listen To “Over Again” below:




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