‘Daredevil’ Season Two Pits Daredevil Against The Punisher | TV News


Progressing into Daredevil season 2 after the success of the Netflix Marvel franchise will be tough to follow. However Marvel have a few tricks up its sleeve for Matt Murdock and his allies. It was announced several weeks ago that Jon Berenthal would be portraying the highly talked about ‘The Punisher’. Fans awaited the news as hints were dangled in front of us and rumours were suffusing that the anti-hero will be coming to the series. With reports suggesting that Bullseye and Elektra are in the works as well, it appears Daredevil will have to be armed in his new suit in order to clean up Hell’s Kitchen. With all of these villains attempting to burn hells kitchen to the ground, we have to ask ourselves, who is the main antagonist?


After the events of season one with The Kingpin behind bars, it seems that several characters will be disrupting the city. With The Punisher at the forefront, as The Nerdist reports that the new show co-runner Marco Ramirez discussed season two being a clash of the heroes between Daredevil and the Punisher. With both heroes exploiting the same ideology for the city, their differences will be exploited in terms of morals and a willingness to kill – with Daredevil using the law as a frame to clean Hell’s Kitchen. Will Season 2 delve into a darker story? What problems will his villains cast? Season 2 is set to release for mid-summer 2016.



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