Desert Sparrow – Karma | Music Video


Desert Sparrow are a Los Angeles based indie rock band. The two members, Kylie Adams and Dave Carreno, respectively hail from the beaches of Sydney, Australia and Dana Point, CA.


The two artists first met at a Coachella party in 2011 and began to play music at friends’ parties.
And in 2013 playing covers at local open mic. Then, they decided to work on songwriting and to create Desert Sparrow.


Since then, Desert Sparrow have relocated to Los Angeles, assembled a backing band and put out two EPs along with a handful of singles, including “Karma”.


Their main artistic influences are 60’s rock n roll, folk, spaghetti western, and surf. Alongside lyrics dealing with solitude, hardship and perseverance on background of desert road and California coastlines.


They take their inspiration from bands such as Fleetwood Mac, Florence and the Machine, BRMC, and Angus & Julia Stone – it’s Angus & Julia’s mother who encouraged them to start writing songs.


Their latest track titled “Karma“ was on October 18 alongside a music video. And, logically both run with the theme of Karma. The music video tells the story of being in a relationship with someone who isn’t proud of who you are, and the band have decided to illustrate it in a comical way.


The spirit of the song is about being who you are, and they gave an explanation of the music video: “we wanted our protagonist to be a bit left of center. He’s unique in his passions and beliefs, and is exiting a relationship where his girlfriend ridiculed that part of him. But despite her, he’s going off in search of his truth anyway, and it leads him to a bigger love“.


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