Don Cheadle Joins LeBron James In ‘Space Jam 2’ | Film News


LeBron James‘ long-gestating Space Jam sequel may not have yet added another basketball star, but it has added an Oscar-nominated one. Don Cheadle has signed on to co-star in the sequel to the Michael Jordan/Bugs Bunny 90s smash hit. Terence Nance is directing, with Ryan Coogler producing. The sequel is being described as a reboot of Warner Bros.’ classic Looney Tunes franchise.


Space Jam 2 has been in the works for what seems like forever. James’ move to the Los Angeles Lakers last summer likely helped accelerate things, but many aspects of the project still remain in the dark. Cheadle is of course an excellent addition, and it will be fun to see him in a different cinematic role for once. He’s spent much of the last decade as Robert Downey Jr‘s lackey in MCU films.


He has been working steadily in TV, though. There’s the Showtime series Black Monday, an 80s comedy starring Cheadle an an eccentric Wall Street hustler. And prior to that, he starred in House Of Lies, which followed a group of cutthroat management consultants.


The second season of Black Monday will premiere sometime in 2020. Cheadle will also star alongside Emily Mortimer and Helena Howard in the upcoming sci-fi drama, Don’t Look Deeper.


Space Jam 2 is currently in production, and Warner Bros. plans to release it in the middle of the NBA offseason on July 16, 2021. Jordan’s 90s version was a weird idea that somehow got made, and became a pop culture icon. Can James (and now Cheadle) capture the same magic?



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