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Australian singer and songwriter Edie Stonem has just released her newest single “Red Apples”, with her debut album Comatose Overdose coming soon.


Coming from a small town in the Australian region of Queensland, Edie started playing music from an early age, taking up the piano when she was only six. However, when she performed in a production of Les Misérables, she realized her passion for singing.


Growing up, Edie found in songwriting a safe refuge that helped her to cope with what she describes as a chaotic childhood and the struggles of a young artist living in a small town. In order to widen her chances to perform live and to overcome a failed relationship, Edie decided to move south to Brisbane.


In the big city, Edie kicked-start her musical career. Influenced by works of both the Rolling Stones and Tori Amos, the Australian artist developed her own rock style combining captivating lyrics with rolling crescendos.


“Red Apples” leads us deep into the artist private life, revealing the poor relationship Edie had with her father. This track is about how the singer felt “trapped” by who her father wanted her to be, always feeling as she was not good enough for him.


The lines “an apple a day keeps the doctor away/so I’ll have two just in case”, opening and closing this potent rock track, are a great hint for you to go check this song out.


Listen to it here:




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