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EERA – Reflection Of Youth | New Music


London-based Anna Lena Bruland who is better known as EERA has unveiled a new single titled “Reflection Of Youth” which is the exact name for the upcoming album, and the closing song on the album. The track will be released on Friday, November 3 through Big Dada.


Norwegian born EERA explains that “Reflection Of Youth” is a single that’s about unrequited love and the frustration it can be, “It’s about desperately wanting someone to love you, and be intimate with you” and continues with “and getting frustrated by the fact the person doesn’t understand you should be together”. The single is premiering now via Gold Flake Paint who have called it “bewitching and captivating”.


She recently released her first single from the debut album called “Living”, and in general, the soon to be shared album is, for the singer, a document of a tumultuous chapter in her life. It’s very much about living through your twenties, which in Norwegian society are “the years when you’re supposed to figure everything out”, says EERA.


Listen to EERA’s latest single “Reflection Of Youth” here.




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