Effortless Style By Kate Moss At Paris Fashion Week | Fashion News


Kate Moss effortlessly stole the show at the Vogue Party in Paris. The model, who was scouted at 14, arrived on the arm of her boyfriend in simple attire. However, her simplistic look was transformed by the sequins covering the neck line of her blazer. The blonde supermodel sparkled as she entered the party, the sequins catching the eye of everyone around.



Moss chose to pair her blazer with a plain black shirt, black cigarette trousers, simplistic black pumps and giant circular sunglasses. The blazer stood out like a diamond in the rough, shining out against the palette of black. Which made her straightforward outfit choice boldly stand out. Once again, Moss exhibits that style is effortless and that she hasn’t changed since being scouted in JFK airport 29 years ago.




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