Elton John Told To Boycott Marés Vivas Festival By Environmentalists | Music News



There have been quite a few concert cancelled in recent months. After the so called toilet tax in America, many artists have pulled their concerts from Colorado. However will Elton John follow in their footsteps in the case of the Marés Vivas festival in Portugal.


Environmentalists that protect the area where the festival is being held this year, have written a open letter, saying the festival would cause destruction of birds and other wildlife in the vicinity. The Portuguese music festival Marés Vivas is due to be held near the nature reserve of the Duoro River Estuary, which is thought to be home to 220 different species of birds.


This dispute has been raging for quite some time as the environmentalists “strongly believe that if anyone is able to change the stubborn minds of the festival managers it is (Elton John)”. Elton has not yet responded to the letter so we will just have to wait and see if the environmentalists’ plan has paid off.



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