Estonian Artist And Producer Xeven Shares Her New Single ‘Eagle’

Miami-based Estonian singer, songwriter and producer Xeven has unfolded her new track titled “Eagle”.

Born and raised in Tallinn, Estonia, at the brink of Soviet Union’s collapse, Xeven (Хелен) from her real Helen Preis has learnt own her own the production of single, how to sing, and the right way to write electronic songs.

Xeven’s music can be described as intimate, sensitive and doesn’t belong to any genre, a large part of her titles are dark and melancholic backed up by eerie ambient sounds and meaningful lyrics.

During her childhood and teenagerhood, the artist has been the target of bully, which push her to express herself and her ambition through the performing arts.

Growing up, she was impacted by a large range of various artists, starting with bands like Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, TaTu, solo artists such as Suzanne Vega, Imogen Heap or Marilyn Manson.

Her style of production was deeply influenced by famous names including Daft Punk, Justice, MGMT, The Knife and Royksöpp.

Speaking about her new song, Xeven explains: “Eagle is a song about self-empowerment. Inspired by wild-west themed cinematic soundtracks, Eagle encompasses influences of americana and blues. That fused with electronic pop elements makes for a unique and fresh sound.

Listen to “Eagle” here:


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