‘Fashion Dads’ Causing Quite The Stir On Instagram | Fashion News


When we look for inspiration when it comes to fashion, do we look to our parents for tips on what is current and trendy, or do we roll our eyes into our head when we see them dress like pictured below. These dads are becoming a hit online with around 75,000 followers on the photo sharing site Instagram. There is a real surge in interest but we don’t know why. Are we embracing our dads for their terrible sense of fashion or are we creating an archive of father fashion faux pas to sneer at while we’re young. If 2015 becomes the year of the ‘fashion dad’, then we want to see how dads across the globe dress themselves. Click here for more ‘Fashion Dads’.


A photo posted by Fashion Dads (@fashiondads_) on

A photo posted by Fashion Dads (@fashiondads_) on



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