Fatboy Slim Live @ The Coliseum, Brighton – Wednesday, December 17 | Events


Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim will be performing live at the Coliseum in Brighton on December 17 in support of the charity Coaching For Hope, for which Norman is a patron. The aim of the event is not just to raise money, but also to raise awareness and spread the word of their charity, so that others can go on to help raise further money and further awareness after the event. All proceeds from the event, including general ticket sales, are going to the charity which has already sold out, which just goes to show what a great show it is going to be.


Coaching for Hope is an innovative program that uses football to help create better futures for young people living in some of the most disadvantaged communities all over the world. They aim to empower disadvantaged young people in Africa and Asia to create better futures for them and their communities. They do this by using the passion people have for football and they use it as a tool to engage with and support vulnerable young people.


As well as the general ticket sales, Coaching For Hope are lucky enough to be able to offer 20 VIP tickets for fans of Norman to meet him prior to the gig. Here, the 20 guests will be fortunate enough to enjoy a champagne reception, with catering that is provided by the Big Beach Cafe, and of course the chance to spend some time with Norman and be able to take pictures before he graces the stage.


These VIP tickets are being sold for a minimum donation of £100, this includes the £20 entry into the gig, and as places are really limited, if anyone is interested they should get in contact with Jane Carter at [email protected]. The VIP tickets are on a first come first serve basis, so don’t hesitate if you want to be involved with such an amazing day.


The money raised from events such as this one, will allow them to continue the work they do with some of the most disadvantaged people in the world, so it truly is a magical charity and one that deserves as much support and help from people as they can spare. For more information about the charity head to the Coaching For Hope website and try and get involved in whatever way you can!


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