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Field Mouse have put together sophomore album, Episodic, out Friday, August 5 via Topshelf Records. Comparing it to 2014’s Hold Still Life is to not only go from two-piece band to fully fledged band, but also go from the constraints of being set in your musical ways to being free of the shackles of the past.


Apparently, the principal two members, Rachel Browne and Andrew Futral, used to self-record their efforts. Now, though, the five-piece has composed an album together from start-to-finish. The result is, arguably, more rounded with duties spread across the board and weighing not only the shoulders of the two.


Episodic, recorded in Philadelphia with Hop Along’s Joe Reinhart, was written over the coarse of twelve months, encompassing sudden family illness and deteriorating relationships. The album, broadly defined as guitar-pop, is yet set against Browne’s fearsome and fearless vocals with an ensemble performance from all musicians and instruments in the band.


Furthermore, Episodic has cameos from Sadie Dupuis (Speedy Ortiz), Allison Crutchfield (Waxahatchee) and Joseph D’Agostino (Cymbals Eat Guitars). These features serve only to further cement the promise of this album, and that the band’s intentions have now been fully realised.


Episodic Tracklisting:

1. The Mirror
2. Half-Life
3. Accessory
4. The Order Of Things
5. A Widow with a Terrible Secret
6. Beacon
7. Over And Out
8. Do You Believe Me Now?
9. Never Would Have Known
10. Out Of Context



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