First Trailer For ‘The Dinner’ | Film Trailer


Indie psychological thriller, The Dinner, has its first trailer, preceding its premiere at the Berlin Film Festival later this week. The film is directed by Oren Moverman (The Messenger, Rampart, Time Out Of Mind) and stars Richard Gere, Laura Linney, Rebecca Hall, Steve Coogan and Chloë Sevigny.


The film is adapted from the best selling Herman Koch novel, which focuses on two couples that meet at a restaurant for dinner, discussing a potentially sinister act their children have committed.


The trailer below hits your usual psychological thriller beats and arguably goes too far in revealing much of the plot as trailers are want to do these days. Yet, a cast that good is more than a little intriguing and Moverman’s poised directing in his past, character-heavy work means he’s well suited for this kind of project. It looks to be one of those indie thrillers that will either fall flat on its face or become a hidden gem.



The film will be released to select cinemas on Friday, May 5.



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