First ‘Twin Peaks’ Teaser Points To Something Sinister | TV News

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First ‘Twin Peaks’ Teaser Points To Something Sinister | TV News



Showtime’s revival of cult classic Twin Peaks has had a troubled development, and even now we know very little about the project. David Lynch, the creative force behind the original series, is still at the helm – though this was up for dispute for a while earlier in the year. Kyle MacLachlan, our forever endearing Agent Dale Cooper, is confirmed to return – however we still do not know if he will continue his role as the show’s protagonist and entry-point to magnetically weird world of Twin Peaks.


As for the rest of the original cast, we’re left in perpetual mystery – much like the series itself. Statements have led us to believe that most of the still living players will return, but confirmations are thing on the ground. The new teaser released today shows that at least one resident is back for the new series, Michael Horse returns as Deputy Tommy ‘Hawk’ Hill.


Though the brief trailer begins as a preview of production, with Horse giving a spiel about returning to the landscape of the show with its familiar music ebbing us back into the melodramatic sub-reality that is Twin Peaks, a sudden cut to blurry footage of a sinister individual shows that horror lurks beneath the surface, and once again mystery is afoot.


Twin Peaks is written by David Lynch and Mark Frost, while Lynch will return to the director’s chair. Check out the preview below:




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