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French American pop band Freedom Fry have just released their newest single titled “L’invitation”. This song has quite an angelic melody which slides on with the lyrics, which are in French. This song is all about being positive and not wasting your time.


Having this indie-pop touch to the track, the group have put a lot in this song, starting from singing in a language that is way different from their usual singles. “L’Invitation” is a mostly spoken-word song with a melancholic, atmospheric sound which gives it that indie vibe to it.


The mid-tempo song is driven by a groovy bassline that is performed by Manchester-based Richard Curran, which helps invite the listener into Freedom Fry’s own music world. Regarding the lyrics, as we said above, being positive, going forward and having the courage to start over are the main messages here.


The married duo of French girl Marie Seyrat and American boy Bruce Driscoll have been creating music since day one. From producing and mixing their songs, to crafting their own style and approach with their own music world and sounds, the duo have over 250 songs under their belt.


Whether it’s an emotional folk ballad or a fun pop banger, they have an unquestionable love for melodic mastery and are able to create a catchy, timeless tune no matter the genre and for any mood.


The duo have not just come out this single but a full album all in French is out now too! It is the first time that they have done a full album just in French. With Marie being from France, this is a great opportunity for her and the duo to get a more French audience.


Watch the music video for “L’Invitation” here:




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