‘Game Of Thrones’ Will Return In April 2019 For The Final Showdown | TV Trailer


The Game Of Thrones teaser trailer for season 8 has been revealed, and apparently there’s more than meets the eye. As the trailer starts, you’ll notice the ice, i.e. the army of White Walkers, travels south towards Winterfell on Daenerys’s Dragonstone Battle Board.


Concerning the release date of season 8, no official date has been picked, but we do know that it will release in April 2019, with speculations that it will lean more towards the end of April due to other HBO shows’ releases in the same month.


In the teaser, we see not only ice, but a collision with fire (alluding to Daenerys’s Dragons). The ice, which is seen engulfing the wolf on the Battle Board, represents the White Walkers crossing Winterfell, while the flames engulfing the Lannisters’ Lion implies Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen’s possible victory over the Lannisters on their way to defeat the White Walkers.


As fire and ice meet, a wall of black rock is formed, implying some form of defeat against the White Walkers.



What we already know is that there will be a big battle in Winterfell in episode 3, but of course, the best is always saved until last, so don’t expect the Night King to go anywhere until the very end.


Watch the teaser below:




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