Gary Numan To Receive Q’s ‘Innovation In Sound’ Award | Music News

Gary Numan


Gary Numan, one of the figure-heads of 80s synth-pop, has managed to maintain a long-lived and successful music career. As recognition of his achievements over the years, Q have dubbed him worthy of receiving the Innovation in Sound award at this year’s Q Awards which take place on October 19. The award has previously been won by The Prodigy, Muse, Kaiser Chiefs, and more.


Numan expressed his thanks to Q: “To receive any award in music is an honour. But to receive the Q Innovation In Sound award is particularly special. Sound is the most important aspect of making music to me, it’s why electronic music has been such an obsession. It allows you the opportunity to constantly create new and exciting sounds. I’m very grateful to Q for the award, and very proud”.


Find out where to see Numan live here; from October 21-23, he will be performing at London’s The Forum. Each night will be dedicated one album in its entirety (Replicas, The Pleasure Principle, Telekon).



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