Gentle Monster Release New Eyewear Collection Called ‘Once Upon a Future’ | Fashion News


The Seoul-based label Gentle Monster have released a new collection of extravagant glasses titled ‘Once Upon a Future’. The themed lineup is inspired by a fictional future where humans and extraterrestrial alien lifeforms amicably coexist with one another.


The new collection is based on the offerings from seasons past, the eyewear silhouettes bordering everything from sleek lens configurations, oversized circular shapes and hexagon-style builds. Also, the eyewear includes tonal motifs with orange, black, blue, yellow, red and metallic options.


The extravagant styles are very similar to mini vinyl records with a visible opening at the nose area and a thin metal mouthpiece as well as a sleek pair that boats a concave-style frame/lens combo. If you want more information about the collection, it will be released through the Gentle Monster online shop.



















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