Georgia Rap Artist Rosebudd Launches New Single ‘Expression’ | Music News


Originally from Stone Mountain in Georgia, new and emerging rap artist, singer and producer Rosebudd has released a brand new self-produced single titled “Expressions”.


Indeed, Rosebudd has many experiences in producing her own work. She recorded and released her first mixtape The BG EP by herself in the Spring of 2010, under the alias BG McFLYorDIE, at 16 years old at Georgia State University.


It is not a surprise that she decided to go this way in her career, in truth she began to be interested in music since her childhood. At only 9 years old, she was already writing poetry and when she got older, she studied Hip Hop.


She found her inspiration to pursue rapping as a career, thanks to veteran hip hop group Little Brother, and she has gone on to release two independent albums and three EPs under various monikers. Moreover, she recently released her third album Planted, Not Buried.


Since then, Rosebudd has collaborated with several artists and producers in Atlanta, thanks to their common love for art. Now, she has launched a new single under a new project called ‘The Consistency Club’, which is the idea of releasing a new single each month of this year to remain a consistent musical presence.


Speaking about her new song, she says, “’Expressions’ stemmed from both a conversation I had with a friend of mine as well as how I’ve been feeling overall in the pursuit of a music career. I just wanted to release those feelings of frustration I was having so I could move past them and get better as an artist. A dope song ended up coming out of it, so I’m pretty happy with my decision.”


For sure, she will be in the front row this year with such big ambitions, listen to “Expression” below.




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