Jax Anderson And K.Flay Team Up For Empowering New Single ‘I Don’t Care Anymore’ | Music News


New friends Jax Anderson and K.Flay have come together on a brand new single titled “I Don’t Care Anymore”. The track all stemmed from a demo posted on the social network TikTok, which is now becoming known to be a music discovery platform.


Initially, Jax Anderson only posted a short demo but it amassed over 400,000 views and proved to be a huge success. Jax then contacted her friend K.Flay and producer Tommy English to bring the song to life as a dialogue around self-empowerment.


Accompanied by a bass in the background, we hear Jax Anderson talking about the problems and insecurities she has with her sexuality and that she has decided to reject those insecurities and to reject the norms. The second verse is sung by K.Flay, she too speaks and supports the points made by Jax.


“Someone commented recently that ‘I Don’t Care Anymore’ is a song about nihilistic optimism & I’d say they’re totally right. I’m saying ‘nothing matters, but isn’t it freeing?’ It’s my way of fully accepting who I am & rejecting any standards that I’ve learned to carry. It’s incredible how freeing life is when you choose not to give a fuck, right? All I can do is live as myself, truly & fully & it’s been awesome”, Jax says about the song.


K.Flay adds that, “This collaboration came about totally organically. Jax posted an early version of the song on TikTok, people loved it, and a bunch of folks commented that I should feature on the track. So we made it happen! The lyrics really resonated with me.


For anyone who’s felt like an outsider, you eventually reach a point where you actually stop caring what other people think. And you embrace yourself with a newfound sense of confidence and swagger and kindness. To me, that’s what this song is all about”.


The two singers give us hope in this single and show that it is possible not to be dictated to and to continue being yourself. Listen to “I Don’t Care Anymore” below:




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