Ghanaian Rap Artist Yaw Tog Drops New Single ‘Aso)den’

Ghanaian rap artist and musician Yaw Tog has dropped off his new single titled “Aso)den“. Returning to his well-known Drill style, “Aso)den” is a bouncing production by Khendi Beatz and an upbeat offering motivated by rebellion.

The colorful video was captured by BigBossRG and was shot during his visit to the capital in October in several notorious London spots, including Piccadilly Circus and the London Underground. The single’s name, “Aso)den,” which in Yawtog’s native Twi language means “stubbornness,” shows the young but mature mentality that he consistently exhibits to his admirers.

Since the teaser leaked last month, “Aso)den” has been eagerly anticipated. It will soon be released as part of a larger project. Regarding the track, Yawtog said, “You just can’t beat the person who won’t give up”.

Yaw Tog swiftly established himself as Ghana’s breakout star after becoming famous all over the world because of his viral single “Sore.” When Stormzy & Kwesi Arthur remixed the song, it further cemented its place in music history and shattered several records.

The year 2021 was filled with accomplishments, including BET‘s ‘International Artist of the Month’ and the 3Music Awards’ ‘Hip-Hop Song of the Year’.

Even though he has won significant accolades thus far in his career, he still maintains a grounded, determined, humble, and willingness to put in the work. Once in a rare moon, artists like Yaw Tog appear and drastically alter the game, improving it.

Only by seeing his friends’ growing curiosity can you tell that he is the one to watch out for. With this most recent release, Yaw Tog has whetted the fans’ thirst for new music. His attention is now directed toward the upcoming year, and he is sitting on a wealth of new music that he is prepared to release at any time.

Watch the “Aso)den” music video below!


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