Glastonbury 2015 Pre-Sale Tickets Sell Out In 14 Minutes | Music News


Pre-sale tickets for world famous music festival Glastonbury went on sale yesterday and sold out in a record time of 14 minutes. 15,000 tickets went on sale and sold out twice as quickly as last year. AC/DC, Muse and Fleetwood Mac have all been tipped off to play at the 2015 festival and with thousands of tickets still to be sold, it will almost certainly be the biggest strong>Glasto festival yet.


It might be exciting going to an ever growing festival but ticket prices have also grown (again) this year at a price of £220 plus £5 booking fee per person. If you haven’t registered already, then unfortunately you wont be able to buy a ticket, but if you have, then be prepared to pick up the phone early this Sunday morning (October 5) as 120,000 more tickets will go on sale from 9am.



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