Hackney Rap Artist GRAMN. Releases New Single ‘Kitchen‘ | Music News


After her recent political tune “Mini Milk” about racism and the Black Lives Matter movement, Hackney-based rap artist GRAMN. returns with her brand new single “Kitchen”. The track is the first glimpse into her upcoming sophomore EP MINIMUMN.


After singing as a backing vocalist for Iggy Azealia with only 18 years, East London singer, songwriter and storyteller Aux connected with the producers and multi-instrumentalists James Lowe and Johnny Tomlinson. GRAMN. was born, serving a perfect mix of raw truths, resistance and dreamy soundscapes.


Their music is merging contemporary R&B with jazz melodies, neo-soul elements and relaxing hip-hop beats. A big part of their music is to call attention to serious topics as racism, domestic abuse and Aux’s own struggles with mental health.


For Aux it’s self-evident to raise her voice. Even though their style comes with bouncy tunes and and soulful melodies. “People don’t have to go deep into it if they don’t want to, they can just bop their heads and if people want to scratch below the surface there’s lots for them to get into,” producer Lowe explains.


With ”Kitchen” the DIY collective offers an alternative R&B that is led by quirky synths and hi-hats of singer Aux. The visuals are catching on the positive vibes, seeing Aux performing in her own kitchen, packed out with friends and family.


For Aux the kitchen is her own empire – but only until her mother enters the room. Listen to the uplifting R&B fusion single below and watch the accompanied visuals.




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