Hail Mary Mallon – 4AM | Music Video


Hail Mary Mallon, yes the name is a reference to Typhoid Mary, have released a laid back skate video for their track “4AM”. All shot in black and white at night, the video is pretty simple, with a nice D.I.Y. feel. This video isn’t going to blow your mind but to be honest it’s nice to see someone let the music talk and include some cool skate shots. The simplicity of the video pushes the lime light unto the track which is great because the delivery from both Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic is perfect.


On listening, Rob Sonic actually sounds a lot like Brer Rabbit of the Flobots. The rap duo’s DJ Big Wiz should not be forgotten though. He uses the old school inspired laid back beat which includes a great raw bass guitar sound to show off some awesome scratching. If you’re a fan of Aesop Rock, he is just as good in this outfit as usual and this set up compliments his performance more than his work with The Uncluded (Aesop Rock and Kimya Dawson). Hail Mary Mallon’s second full length Bestiary was released last November and “4AM” is the sixth song on the 14-track album. Watch the video below, and buy Bestiary here.




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