Hak Baker Has Released His Debut EP ‘Misfits’ | Music News

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Hak Baker Has Released His Debut EP ‘Misfits’ | Music News


East London singer-songwriter Hak Baker and ex-member of the grime collective B.O.M.B Squad has released his debut EP called Misfits, today.


This EP, that you can listen below, is composed of six tracks, including “7AM” “Conundrum” and “Like It Or Lump It“, which have already received acclaim and success, early this year.


Speaking about Misfits, Hak said “I’m not sure how, but I feel like this will all make sense. This is a portion of me, take it or leave it“.


The London-based artist, through this new EP, has given all of himself and what comes out is a deep and incredible project in which the songwriter crosses his memories and experiments with different landscape of music, mixing some English folk with reggae and indie.


Listen to Misfits, Hak speaks about his life, his experience while he was sent to prison which was something that halted his music career for a while, the battle between the police and the government and between the residents of the east end, the lost of his friends and the street-stories about the East-London.




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