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With Blumhouse’s direct sequel to Halloween hitting cinemas next month, Michael Myers has re-entered the pop culture lexicon, and the horror icon is about to have a moment. But despite all the focus being on the new film, Bloody Disgusting has reported that a Halloween TV series is potentially in the works.


Franchise producer Malek Akkad seems interested in bringing The Shape to the small screen:


“You know, it’s something that we’ve had for a long time and I definitely want to see it done. This was in development about a decade ago. At the time, I think the thought was we don’t want to cannibalise the theatrical. Let’s keep it as a theatrical event movie. If that starts flowing down, we would address TV. Nowadays, we all know, TV is pulling out ahead of theatrical in a way that surprised everybody”.


Akkad then confirmed that any potential series wouldn’t be a sort of spinoff, á la 1982’s infamous Halloween III: Season Of The Witch, and would indeed include Michael Myers:


“The one we were developing and that I still feel very strongly about, he’s involved in it. That’s really all I can say about it now. It wouldn’t look anything like your traditional Halloween movie, but he’s in there as are a lot of other characters but used in different and interesting ways. I wish I could talk more about it but it’s something we’re looking at very closely”.


With film-to-TV adaptations being the norm nowadays thanks to TV’s larger budgets and the binge-watching appeal of streaming, this isn’t particularly surprising news. Another classic horror franchise, Scream, has already had its own TV adaptation. Perhaps Halloween is next.


Though that series worked because different people could don the Ghostface mask, making it a mystery who was doing the killing. That obviously isn’t the case with Myers, unless this still-hypothetical series does something really drastic. Perhaps the show could delve into Haddonfield deeper, with Myers being more of a looming spectre than a week-to-week character.


Nothing is concrete yet, but don’t be surprised if the Halloween movie is a huge success (which is very, very likely) and leads to heavier interest in the potential TV series.



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