Hardy Caprio + One Acen – Best Life | Music Video


The dynamic duo of Hardy Caprio and One Acen are ready to usher the summertime in with a bang. When they initially dropped the single, we knew “Best Life” was destined to be a smash and a straight addition to your summer playlist but now we have a brand new video to match it, the case couldn’t be more clearer.


“Best Life” is a celebration to the pair’s phenomenal year and the visuals really bring that to life. Caprio and Acen leave their concrete jungle and head to the hills, where they’re seen riding quads, enjoying the scenery from their villa, sipping on some fine drinks and generally just stunting with fine women of course. Wowa is definitely on job capturing all the magic, making you feel a little jealous that you’re not in their shoes.


Hardy promised and they definitely delivered. But surely that’s the least you should expect from those two by now.




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