Harry Hudson – Close The Curtains | New Music


Harry Hudson is back with his new single “Close The Curtains”. A dark and intensive backdrop – created by a piano melody in addition to different electronic sounds – accompanies his smooth low voice to great effect. You can also appreciate a kind of very low faraway drums in the milieu, like they were a heart beaten. On the second verse, Harry ascends his voice while the drums become more evident. After returning to the refrain, the drum withdraw back to its ‘beating heart’ style arrangement.


Harry Hudson has recently suffered from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and went through months of chemotherapy treatments until he was deemed cancer-free earlier this year. But he is a very positive person who consider that “no matter what you’re dealing with, even if you’re dying, if you’re just happy with yourself”. That´s what this 20-year-old musician thinks about life and problems. Enjoy this deep and melancholic “Close The Curtains” below, taken from his forthcoming project The Treatment.




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