Hood By Air Unveil Ready-To-Wear Collection With Naomi Campbell | Fashion News


The famous ready-to-wear brand Hood By Air created by Shayne Oliver and Raul Lopez in 2006, have just posted some images from their new 2021 Prologue collection.


Indeed, after announcing a break in 2017, the brand made its big comeback in mid-2020, with a new vision and new ideas. To celebrate their big comeback Hood By Air is giving birth to a collection with international model Naomi Campbell as the star of the show.


The Prologue collection is described by Shayne Oliver as three related stories: Mother, Veteran and Merch.
The Mother collection, worn by Campbell, is a tribute to the maternal figures in Oliver’s life, with the campaign photographed by fashion photographer Luis Alberto Rodriguez.


“It’s kind of based on my grandmother and what she brought to the table, which was always the beauty, but then also, she is how I learned how to physically sew and make clothes,” Shayne Oliver told Vogue magazine.


“She is such a mother figure to [so many people in fashion] and has always been so outspoken about Black people in fashion, Black identity, and Black creativity […] it just made the most sense to begin the conversation there”, he added.


Hood By Air used Instagram to promote the new collection and released a short clip.


Take a look at the promotional photos unveiled underneath:




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