‘House Of Cards’ Season 4 Episode 2 | TV Review

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‘House Of Cards’ Season 4 Episode 2 | TV Review



There are not enough superlatives to describe how consistently great this series is. Even in the fourth season the tension and slow building atmosphere of unease creates gripping television.


The highlight of the episode is the awaited Underwood fourth wall breaking monologue. Kevin Spacey relays a brutal childhood story of achieving his goals hoping to avoid the same tactics with his wife (Robin Wright).


The palpable and unpredictable tension between the feuding couple drives the episode as much as their collusion did in previous seasons. The first real showdown blows up with plenty of scenery chewing.


It’s a pleasure to see the mysterious Remy Danton (Marhershala Ali) re-appear despite his previous retirement and stirring the pot as much as he ever did. The southern Gothic element of Claire’s mother is amped up with plenty of unresolved family issues rearing their ugly head.


The state of the Union address is used to deliver a devastating political blow to Claire. How will Claire respond?



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