Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins And Grace Jones To Star In Silent Film ‘Gutterdämmerung’ | Music News


Bjorn Tagemose’s upcoming silent film Gutterdämmerung will star Iggy Pop, Grace Jones, and Henry Rollins, according to a report by BEAT. Gutterdämmerung is set to be an over-the-top “loud and dark fairy tale”, with the tagline “the loudest silent movie on earth”. Describing Gutterdämmerung, director Bjorn Tagemose stated that, “it is primarily a visual experience, with very little dialogue… you will be standing up for this very loud, fully-immersive experience”.


Gutterdämmerung will also feature a live rock band, who will provide the score for the movie. Every week for the next eight weeks, a rock icon featuring in Gutterdämmerung will be revealed through the film’s official website here. An introduction to Gutterdämmerung can be viewed below.




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