Independent Miami Based Artist Sawyer Unveils New Track ‘My Fault’

Sawyer, a rising talent in the alternative music scene, merges the angsty energy of emo-pop and rock with the futuristic vibes of hyperpop in his latest single, “My Fault.” This track is a testament to the artist’s ability to blend diverse musical influences like Mom Jeans, 100 gecs, and Brakence into a sound that’s uniquely his own.

The single comes with a captivating music video, a brainchild of creative director Alex Edep of Dumb Days! fame. The video’s narrative is a visual journey through the process of acknowledging mistakes and striving for self-improvement. It’s a vibrant portrayal of personal growth and the chaos of inner conflict, climaxing with an emotionally charged outro that captures the intensity of the track’s themes.

For “My Fault,” Sawyer collaborates with talented musicians Diego Ferrera and Grammy-nominated Ira Grylack. Together, they’ve transformed the initial demo into a polished and powerful track that stands out in today’s alternative music landscape. Their collective efforts shine through in the single’s production, where raw emotion meets meticulous craft.

The music video for “My Fault” is as intricate as the song itself, with Alex Edep bringing Sawyer’s vision to life. It features a tumultuous blend of animation and mixed media, symbolizing the tumult within the narrative. These artistic choices successfully visualize the song’s complex emotions, allowing listeners to experience a story that extends beyond the lyrics and composition.

Fans and newcomers to Sawyer’s work can expect an immersive experience with “My Fault,” which is not only an audible treat but also a visual spectacle. The use of mixed media in the music video adds an extra layer of depth, inviting viewers to dive into the artist’s creative world.

Stream “My Fault” to witness Sawyer’s innovative blend of genres and watch the music video for a multi-dimensional experience of his articulate expression of growing pains and self-reflection.


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