US Singer/Songwriter Alec Benjamin Returns With New Single ‘Different Kind Of Beautiful’

Alec Benjamin, the multi-platinum singer-songwriter known for his introspective and narrative-driven songs, has returned with a compelling new single, “Different Kind Of Beautiful,” adding to his already impressive music catalog that boasts over 8 billion global streams and 1.6 billion YouTube views.

With a social media following that eclipses 12.5 million, Benjamin’s reach and influence are undisputed, as evidenced by the substantial 123 million playlist reach that connects him with fans worldwide.

Raised in Phoenix, Alec Benjamin discovered his passion for songwriting at a young age, learning to play guitar and refining his craft through self-initiated moves across the LA and UK music scenes.

Signed as a teenager, he quickly became adept at guerrilla performances, serenading fans outside concerts for other artists and rapidly building a loyal fanbase. His industrious approach paid off when his gold-certified mixtape “Narrated for You,” featuring the double-platinum single “Let Me Down Slowly,” propelled him to international acclaim.

Benjamin’s success as a songwriter burgeoned with the 2020 release of “These Two Windows,” his full-length debut album. His relentless drive to connect with audiences saw him performing globally in Asia, Europe, and Australia, and selling out venues across the UK. His second album, (Un)Commentary, further established his status as a profound narrative voice in the pop genre.

The latest single, “Different Kind Of Beautiful,” is Alec Benjamin’s testament to continuing that narrative prowess, and as Benjamin looks toward 2024, fans can anticipate a continuation of new music that resonates and captivates.

Listeners can now experience the rich storytelling and emotional depth of “Different Kind Of Beautiful” across streaming platforms, accompanied by an engaging lyric video that visually captures the essence of Alec’s songwriting.


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